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Flag Holidays and Display Times

Since its inception in 1998 we have displayed the flags on the following holidays by delivering them that morning and retrieving them that same evening (with the only exception of when it rains and our expanded holiday displays, see below):

  • Memorial Day                                    

  • Flag Day                                             

  • Independence Day

  • Labor Day

  • Patriot Day (September 11th)

  • Veteran's Day 


Many times we are asked if they can stay up longer so you as customers can enjoy the flag display for more than just 12 hours.  One of our concerns has always been that leaving a flag out overnight might go against flag etiquette.  However after talking to other Rotary clubs who display flags and doing some research, we have found that a flag can remain up overnight providing it produces a patriotic effect.  Producing a patriotic effect is one of the main reasons we chose to display flags in the first place. This can be found at the Farmer’s Almanac website at http://www.almanac.com/content/american-flag-guidelines

After carefully looking at this and upon approval from our Board of Directors and our club membership, starting the fall of 2015 we decided to extend our flag display times 3 holidays per year. 


Memorial Day 2019:

Display: Sat  May 25

Pick Up: Tue May 28               


Flag Day 2019:  

Display:  Fri June 14

Pick Up:  Fri June 14


Independence Day 2019:

Display:  Wed July 3               

Pick Up:  Sat July 6  

Labor Day 2019: 

Display: Sat Aug 31

Pick Up: Tue Sep 3


September 11th , 2019: 

Display:  Wed Sep 11

Pick Up:  Wed Sep 11


Veteran’s Day 2019: 

Display: Mon Nov 11

Pick Up:  Mon Nov 11